Metafoor Reinalda Kerseboom: Topke Tovenaar

This story was made by Jolanda Salwegter (play therapist) during a masterclass with Reinalda Kerseboom. Reinalda edited and adapted that story (with her consent) especially for a child who came to the game room because he was quick and very insecure. 

reinalda01Topke Magician lives in a safe, strong and nice house. The doors of the house are open to everyone. Topke lives there together with his father and mother and his sister. Because Topke is a wizard, his ears hear many more things than other ears. Wizard eyes see much more like non-wizard eyes and as a wizard you are super good at feeling things that others do not feel. Topke feels very well when someone is sad or happy or in pain. That is why he does not understand it at all when other children or even large people are hurting or teasing each other. Topke has a super smart head, which is very handy when learning and remembering spells. Fortunately, because a spell is also very precise. If you say only one small thing wrong, you suddenly conjure something completely different. That is why Topke always wants to know everything exactly. Because what Topke really does not want is making mistakes with magic. This ensures that he sometimes doubts his wizarding skills. And just when you have such a smart wizard head as Topke, that creates a lot of remembrance and worry: can I really conjure up, will I not use magic spells anymore and no longer learn new spells any more?
Sometimes his head is so full of all these things that he is afraid that it is getting better, he gets headache or grumbles or just gets angry. Also on his father, mother and his sister. You might think that they can help with these things, but remarkably enough they are not magicians and that makes it extra difficult for Topke. Topke is the only wizard in their family, all others are magic. Spirits can not conjure and therefore do not know as well what it means when you can do magic. Because a wizard sees, hears and feels things just as differently as magic.
Sometimes Topke thinks: “if only I were just a magical, we would understand each other much better”. But if a spell has succeeded and his mother and his father find him very handsome, then he feels like a real wizard again. Yet….

reinalda02On a particularly wispy morning, when Topke Wizard does not really feel great and he spins a little spells on his own, suddenly a beautiful dog comes to him. He starts talking to him just like that. “Ha Topke Magician,” he says, “I am Wibl Magic Dog, I have heard that it is sometimes very complicated for you to be a wizard among all those witchless.” Wibl looks surprised, but happy, at Wibl. “Yes, that’s right,” he says, “How do you know that.” “I’ve heard that from your father and mother, because even though they’re magic, they’ll see when you’re having a hard time.”
Topke is surprised, but nods. Wibl said that well. Topke wants to know everything about Wibl: do other magicians live in the neighborhood and do they all have those super eyes and ears and how do they do that when their heads are cracking and is that over when you grow up and become who also plagued by the enchanted?
“WoW”, says Wibl, “You can see that you are a real wizard. To think of so many questions at once that can only be real smart wizards. And yes, everything you ask is that way. Only they have invented magic spells and magic tricks how they can deal with it better. ”
Well, that’s what Topke Woozzar seems like. “What spells are they then?” He asks Wibl.
“Well,” says Wibl, “that is the beauty now, because you are a wizard you can think of yourself. But there are also a few wizard tricks that I have heard from other wizards, you can already try them. Maybe that helps you too. ”
Topke Wizard sighs, would that really be true? Is he not the only wizard who sometimes gets confused? And can he really think of magic things that could help him?

Wibl knows a lot of other wizards. He has asked Topke his father and mother whether it is good that he visits Topke with three of these magicians. The parents of Topke think that is a good idea and are happy that Wibl and these wizards can help Topke to become a happy wizard. Wibl and Topke grab their magic wand, stuff their backpack full of sandwiches and tasty juices and go on a journey.

reinalda03The first wizard to go to is called “Talk-but-Touch”. And you guessed it: Top talking and talking and talking … Wibl and Topke Woo waving goodbye to this friendly wizard at the end of the afternoon, and they continue their journey. On the return journey, he thinks again about the “question-but-touch-trick”, funny that the answers to this trick make you head army instead of fuller.


reinalda04The road to the next wizard is about mountains and forests, you have to climb and be climbed. Topke Wizard must do his utmost to keep Wibl up to date. He runs and climbs and scrambles, but in the end they come to the house of the second wizard. Topke looks curiously inside: the house does not look like a house at all, but more like a gym. Inside he sees Wizard PingPong busy, Topke waves a little nervously to him.
Sweaty but satisfied, he comes out a few hours later.
“And,” asks Wibl, “what did PingPong teach you?” Topke smiles mysteriously and satisfied, he is not really going to tell Wibl about his new tricks and spells.

reinalda05The next day they go out for the last time together. It is a journey full of challenges, in which Topke has to use his magic eyes and ears to find the right route. Sometimes there is a diversion and he has to devise new ways and solutions to be able to continue. It is a good thing that Topke has a real wizard, because otherwise it would not have been possible. They arrive late at night and once again Topke peeps through the illuminated window with a wizard. There he sees Merlin, an old, wise, but above all happy wizard. Merlin has a long beard and silver gray hair that is terribly confused.
“Go in, but quickly go in,” says Wibl.
“Merlin is the smartest and happiest wizard I know and he can teach you all the important magic tricks you need.”
Topke is a bit tense, but also has a lot of sense. What is he going to experience again …? ”
Merlin and Topke are busy all night.
There are all kinds of light flashes coming out of the house and strange noises and sometimes a huge bang. Wibl is super curious of course.

reinalda06When Topke comes out the next morning, his clothes are covered with colored splashes and his hair is all over.
“Wibl”, he says, “Of course I can not tell you everything, but … the most important thing I learned last night is that I am in control of what my magic eyes see, what my ears hear and what my superhead thinks. And how I do that …. I’ll tell you that later. “

When Topke comes home with his father and mother, he proudly tells them everything he has learned. The tricks, the spells what he can do and what is not as useful as a wizard …
In some things he needs the help of his parents, he can do other things all by himself.
He also has a few tricks especially for magic, so he can learn it again from his father, mother and sister.
Wibl says goodbye to Topke and his parents with full confidence. “You do not need me anymore” he says, “But if it still needs to be done, then Topke can always count on me, he knows I can find him”.

When Wibl has to be in the vicinity of the house of Topke Magician a while later, he is very curious how things go with Topke and he secretly looks around a corner. And you know what he sees …

Topke Magician has just returned from school where he has done his very best.
To make sure that his magician’s head comes to rest, he makes a triple somersault on the trampoline and then he plays a game of tennis with his sister.
“This is how it is called”, Topke: “all the worries of today are out again”.
Wibl remains standing for a while listening at the house and during the meal he hears the father of Topke patiently answer all questions from Topke where he had no answer that day. And there are a lot of them … But Topke and his father know that the trick of Wizard “Talk-but-Touch” is a very smart one that usually helps with overcrowded wizard heads. And what Wibl sees afterwards really amazes him and makes him happy: Topke has come up with a super handy trick, so that he can adjust his wizard’s ears and ears as he wants. Wibl continues with satisfaction, he has seen with his own eyes that Topke Wizard is happy and happy with all the special things that make a sorcerer magician.

Sometimes Topke sometimes makes a mistake when he turns, but then he thinks of the evening at Merlijn, where everything happened that was not the intention and what a pleasure they had together .


About the Author Reinalda Kerseboom

Reinalda Kerseboom was meer dan 30 jaar speltherapeut. Ze volgde haar NLP-opleidingen en de opleiding tot provocatief coach bij het IEP. Ze was gespecialiseerd in het werken met metaforen. Ze is auteur van een aantal boeken met en over hulpbronverhalen. --- Ze had een praktijk in Renkum, waar ze kinderen, jongeren en ouders zag. ---- Ze geeft momenteel geen therapie meer, maar houdt zich bezig met het management van haar Bed & Breakfast; zij is eigenaar van B&B 'de Kleikamp' in het mooie Renkum, Gelderland. Zeker een bezoek waard!

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